CineMinds, the podcast that captures the magic of film through engaging and humorous discussion of current blockbuster movies, struggles and successes involved with independent filmmaking, and the correlation of historical and current events that bring all of cinema together as the greatest medium impacting the global psyche of our society.  This is not a movie review podcast.  CineMinds is a journey into the deeper themes and issues of our world today through the vehicle of motion pictures.

CineMinds Poster BRAINCinema – Everyone loves to watch movies right?

Minds – We each have one but we don’t always use it!

Now let’s put them together and think about the world around us and what we might do to take action, enrich our own lives,  and make changes!








 Don’t just watch movies.  Live movies!

Below is an example of how we don’t just watch and talk about movies… we make movies.  Join us and take a look at our crazy, low-budget, independent film Let There Be Zombies!

The trailer to Let There Be Zombies!  Out now on multiple platforms such as Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, Verizon, Dish, Xbox Video, Playstation, Google Play, and more!

Drew is a nerdy teacher that can’t even control the students in her classroom. When threatened by the classroom bully, Drew does what she knows best… back down. Not even words of wisdom from the principal can muster a show of strength from a wimp who seems destined for a second-rate life. And this is before the zombie apocalypse. “Drew, you must learn to control the situation… or the situation will control you.” With populations being overrun by the rapidly spreading plague of zombies, Drew flees to the sanctuary of the country where she is quickly overcome by a lack of survival skills, the relentless Texas heat and, of course, zombies. But Drew must learn that that running from her problems is much like running from zombies. They find you. They always find you.

Along her odyssey, Drew encounters a cast of characters that both help and hamper her path to finding the strength within herself that will make or break her ability to survive these terrible new times of unending death… and her annoying new companions.