AndrewAndrew Patterson Andrew lives life to the fullest and it shows through his passion for filmmaking, teaching and geography.  An award winning filmmaker, Andrew has struggled through the trials of production, the film festival circuit and the triumph of distribution.  As a teacher, Andrew believes that education is the key to shaping the mind of our next generation and is excited to be a part of creating that future through the combination of learner driven exploration, integrated technology and good old fashioned textbooks.  Extending beyond just his enjoyment of teaching geography, Andrew is a member of the Association of American Geographers (AAG) where he strives to spread the importance of geography as a core subject in education as well as an promoting geographic studies as an integral component to understanding and conserving the world around us.  All of this together makes for an experienced and balanced perspective on what’s really going on in the world around us.

ManuelManuel Monsante Manuel is a natural born entertainer who recognizes his passion for film and theater along with the powerful language they represent.  An actor since high school and before, Manuel has been involved in theater and film productions from an early age, including extra work in the film The Alamo, off Broadway theater in New York and he played a lead role in the independent thriller/comedy Let There Be Zombies.  Manuel also enjoys working behind the camera and inside the editing room.